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4-19-14. After a busy day, Will & Kate enjoyed a rugby match at the Allianz Stadium to watch the NSW Waratahs take on the SA Bulls. It looks like part of the ‘royal entourage’ joined the couple, as I spy Kate’s hairdresser, a personal assistant (sitting next to Kate), adviser Sir David Manning (sitting next to William), and that looks like Rebecca, Kate’s private secretary, sitting directly behind Kate. Poor thing looked tuckered out—good thing her handsome hubby’s shoulder was right beside her to lean on!

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The Duchess of Cambridge speaking about her experience in Australia at Bear Cottage today 

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One should always remember to watch the sass with the Duchess. 

This is the best gif of all time


William and Kate splitting up to talk to the crowds #Mine

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Kate + Tour Hairstyles

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Love these photos!

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